Speaker: Dr. Peter Pressman, MD

Speaker: Dr. Peter Pressman, MD

2:30pm – 3:00pm

“Food Addiction: Clinical Reality or Mythology”

Dr. Peter Pressman, MD

Peter Pressman, MD, MS, FACN is Vice President, Medicine Public Health & Nutrition at The Daedalus Foundation, Alexandria, Virginia, and Director of Medical Operations at PolyScience Consulting in Chatsworth, California. Pressman has been instrumental in designing and coordinating healthcare services and product development in support of civil (medical) preparedness, rapid response and daily health requirements of those struggling with natural or manmade disasters.

Most recently, Pressman co-developed and taught the first-of-its-kind course in global nutrition in the Global Medicine Program at the USC Keck School of Medicine.



  1. Appreciate the neurobiological, phenomenological, and psychiatric distinctions between eating disorders and what has been termed “food addiction”

  2. Be able to critically review and appreciate the threats to validity inherent in the literature proposing “food addiction” and in particular “sugar addiction”

  3. Consider evidence-based approaches to helping medical providers, patients, consumers, and the media better understand behaviors leading to under- and over-nutrition.

Speaker: David Wiss, MS RDN

Speaker: David Wiss, MS RDN

3:00pm – 3:30pm

“Food Addiction: What Dietitians Need to Know”

David Wiss, MS RDN

David Wiss, MS, RDN is the founder of Nutrition In Recovery, which specializes in: Addictions, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Body Image, and General Wellness.

Mr. Wiss has shared his expertise with numerous eating disorder and addiction facilities throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Mr. Wiss is a published author, a renowned speaker, and is very passionate about his career and vision.

View more of David's work at NutritionInRecovery.com.



  1. Identify neurobiological advances in the field of food addiction.

  2. Explore potential benefits of viewing food addiction as a valid construct. 

  3. Explore negative consequences of not accepting food addiction as a valid construct.

3:30pm – 3:45pm

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Closing Remarks

"The Future of the Dietetic Profession: Where Do We Go From Here?" 

Anet Piridzhanyan

(Each speaker will get 2 minutes to offer final thoughts about “moving forward”)


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